10 Cute Dog Wedding Photos to Inspire Your Big Day

Need inspiration for your wedding photographer? Take a look at our favourite dog wedding photos from the web to inspire you and help you choose the shots you want to cherish from your big day!

  1. Puppy Love

In this wedding, photographed by Zoom Theory in the US, included their very newest family member in their big day.

Photo Credit: Zoom Theory

Photo Credit: Zoom Theory

2. All the family

Finn the Newdle took centre stage at his parent’s wedding, carrying the rings down the aisle and posing for some cute photos!

3. Dapper Dogs

Tiny bow ties can make any dog look smart for a wedding. We love the little additions to the collar to make them feel as dressed up as mum and dad.

4. Flower girls

After such a special day, even the bridesmaid is a little tired. We love the floral additions to this pup’s lead and collar.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

5. Welcome to the Family

Signs for your pet can add a charm to your wedding photos.

Photo Credit: Kelly Sweet

Photo Credit: Kelly Sweet

6. The First Walk as Man and Wife, and dogs

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the wedding and take a stroll with your little family.

Photo Credit: Steve Holmes Photography

Photo Credit: Steve Holmes Photography

7. Candid shots

Natural photos of your dog enjoying the ceremony will make a sweet addition to your photo album.

8. The ‘Getting Ready’ Photos

Cleans paws are a MUST with these photos!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

9. Your Dog’s Role

There’s no confusion who this dog is at the wedding. Wonder if she’ll be sat at the head table?

Photo Credit: Pinterest

10. The After Party

Even cute dogs work up a thirst at weddings.

Do you have any photos of your dog on your big day? We’d love to see them on our Facebook page!

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