10 plants to avoid if you’re having a dog-friendly wedding

Choosing your wedding flowers may be an important step for your theme, or maybe you just want to follow the tradition! But if you want a dog-friendly wedding you may need to watch out for the potentially dangerous flowers.

  • Baby’s Breath / Gypsophila

Baby’s Breath or Gypsophila are the sprigs of small white flowers found in many bouquets and floral display. They are ideal to add to a bridesmaids’ hair, but you may want to avoid wrapping it around collar or having them displayed at a low level. Gypsophila contains gastrointestinal toxins that can upset a dog’s stomach, causing vomiting and diarrhoea if ingested. It has a mild to moderate toxicity but like any potential poisons and toxins, it’s best to visit your vet.

  • Carnation

A popular cut flower and garden bloom, carnations are another flower you may want to avoid. Carnations also have a mild to moderate toxicity to dogs as well as cats and horses. The flowers and stems can cause stomach issues and mild dermatitis on their skin.

  • Lilies

Lilies pose a danger to cats and certain varieties are highly toxic to dogs. Varieties like the calla lily, amaryllis, lily of the valley and peace lily can all be incredibly dangerous if ingested by a dog. If you believe your dog may have ingested a part of a lily like the stem, flower or bulb contact your vet immediately.

  • Chrysanthemum

All parts of the chrysanthemum are potentially toxic to dogs, as well as cats and horses. So, if you are wanting to travel in a horse drawn carriage make sure chrysanthemums are not in eating distance. Ingesting the flower, stem or any part of the flower can cause pyrethrin poisoning in an animal, affecting their nervous system and causing vomiting and diarrhoea. Any dog, cat or horse who has or could have eaten these flowers should be taken to a vet immediately.

  • Daisies

Part of the chrysanthemum family, daisies can also cause an unexpected trip to the vets. Daisies are toxic to dogs and can cause a range of issues from skin rashes to an upset stomach. If your pet manages to eat a bunch it can cause muscle spasms or even convulsions.

  • Peony

Peonies are beautiful blooms for a wedding, but keep them away from any horses or dogs who may be attending your wedding. Like many of the plants on our list, peonies can cause stomach upsets if ingested. The plant contains paeonol which is toxic to dogs and can cause serious issues if eaten.

With any toxic plants and foods, or if you believe your pet has ingested any other poison you should seek out medical attention from your vet immediately. In mild to moderate poisoning cases, your pet is likely to be home in a few days but it is important to get to a vet quickly.

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