5 things to bring to a winter wedding (dog edition)

When you’re invited to a wedding there’s a lot to think about: outfit, wedding present, and poo bags! If your dog is a special guest or playing a starring role in the wedding, it’s important to bring these must-haves, especially for a winter wedding!


Whether your dog is food or toy orientated, treats are a great thing to pack to help keep your dog’s attention during the ceremony and the photos.


An obvious one but remember a lead to prevent your dog from being a runaway bride(smaid). A lead will also help keep your dog safe in a new place.

Doggy wet wipes and a towel

Winter weather can mean rain and mud! Pack a set of dog-safe wet wipes for dirty paws and a towel to dry off with to keep your pooch picture perfect.

Blanket and/or dog bed

Even the biggest party animal will need a rest. Bring a dog bed or blanket to put in a quiet place during the meal and the reception will help your dog relax, especially if it has a familiar scent.


Like treats, toys are a great way to keep your dog’s attention as well as distract them from the hog roast at the reception. Toys will also help by stopping your dog getting too bored.

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