6 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

On 26th August dog lovers across the UK can show their love for their pups for National Dog Day! The annual day falls on Sunday and the Bank Holiday weekend this 2018 which is the perfect time to really enjoy the time with our pooches.

National Dog Day is a celebration of our four-legged friends and offers us the chance to show how much they are appreciated in our lives. Afterall, dogs are mans best friend!

Here are 6 ways to celebrate National Dog Day this Bank Holiday weekend!

  1. Get your pooch an extra special treat! (Did someone say sausage?)
  2. Head into the woods or countryside for a long walk if the weather is not too hot
  3. Take them to the local pet shop and let your pooch pick a new toy
  4. Check out dog-friendly country shows and fetes
  5. Organise a walk with other doggy friends
  6. Take lots of photos of your dog and spam your Facebook and Instagram pages! Don’t forget to tag PetStay!

No dog? No problem!

There are so many ways you can help dogs in the UK have the opportunity to lead happy, safe and abuse-free lives.

Contact your local animal welfare charity and find out how you can volunteer. Many charities such as the RSPCA are looking for volunteers to walk dogs in their care, giving you ample time to enjoy a dog while helping with their socialisation ready for adoption.

Alternatively, there are other opportunities where you can enjoy the company of dogs even when you can’t commit to one full time.

Our local PetStay branches are recruiting people to care for guest dogs while their owners are away, in a loving and caring alternative to kennels. If you’d like to find out more about becoming a PetStay dog carer then find your local branch or visit our ‘Become a Carer’ page.

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