Dogs at Weddings: Emily, Sidney and George

Dogs are a massive part of our life, becoming a key member of many families. Why shouldn’t they be at your wedding? For Emily and her future husband, they knew their two gorgeous rescue dogs had to play a part on their big day.

“I’m glad we had them in our photos because it’s a day we will never forget, and they are our family” said Emily. “Originally, I wanted to have them walk down the aisle but, in the end, I decided that may be too stressful for them.”

Sidney and George were both adopted by the couple from local animal rescues after being abandoned by previous owners and found as strays. Both pups have unique personalities: Sidney is full of energy while George is mellow. “They love each other very much, although they don’t always show it.”

“Our photographer loved dogs, so she helped keep them from jumping up on my dress and gave them treats. We chose her in part because she featured several dog-friendly weddings on her website.”

Rather than having the dogs all day in a new place, Emily opted to have a family member bring them to the ceremony for a short time. “We had my mother-in-law bring them to the ceremony site so they could be included in the photos.”

After the big day, Emily and her husband had some stunning photos of their family together but she came away with some advice for future couples to consider for their own wedding.

Things Emily wished she’d done differently:

  1. Taken their poop bag holders off their leads!

  2. Brought more treats

  3. Had an actual dog handler that was not a member of the wedding party

  4. Used fake flowers on their collars (it was a very hot day and the real ones on their collars began to wilt).

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