How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

Our dogs can be our best friend as well as a much-loved family member so why not include them on your wedding day? Take a look at our top tips to include four-legged friends on your wedding day.

At PetStay we understand that for most dog owners their pet is a part of the family. We also understand it can be difficult to find a trusted dog sitter when most of your loved ones are attending your special day! So, how can you include your furry friend without worrying about who’s looking after them during the day? Here at Walkies Down the Aisle with PetStay, we have created a fun list of our top tips to help you include your dog at your wedding.

  1. Make sure your wedding venue is dog-friendly

Double check with your venue for the ceremony and the reception to see if furry guests are welcome before making any plans.

  1. Decide who will take care of your dog on the big day

Designate a trusted friend or a Walkies Down the Aisle carer to take care of your dog throughout the day to prevent any little accidents inside the venue. With Walkies Down the Aisle, we cater our chaperone service for your special day and care for the dog so you don’t need to worry!

  1. Choose a suitable role for your dog to play

Finding the best role for your dog to have in your wedding is incredibly important. You understand their temperament and behaviour better than anyone. If your dog has poor recall or is a chewer it might not be the best idea to choose them as the ring bearer!

  1. Ensure everyone knows about your plans

Make sure your wedding party know about the four-legged guest or guests invited to the ceremony. This can help them prepare if there are any allergies, small children or even phobias.

  1. Enjoy your special day!

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