Introducing Walkies Down the Aisle with PetStay

PetStay begins the search for their first pilot franchisees to launch their wedding service Walkies Down the Aisle.

Award-winning home dog boarding service PetStay has launched a new franchise opportunity to help dogs be apart of their owners wedding. The new wedding venture, Walkies Down the Aisle is a tailor-made service created to help couples include their four-legged family members on their wedding day.

Established in 2005, PetStay provides an exclusive home dog boarding service to many satisfied customers and their four-legged friends, with branches across the UK. They have built an excellent reputation for providing a home-from-home environment for dogs, using hand-picked local and licenced carers who provide the best possible care for dogs whilst their owners are away.

After successfully opening its 38th branch, the company has begun looking for new entrepreneurs to pilot their new franchise, Walkies Down the Aisle.

Managing Director Carole Davy said: “We all see our dogs as part of the family and would love for them to be part of our big day but many of our customers have said they find it difficult to find someone to care for the dog during and after the wedding.”

“Over the years we have had so many enquiries for dogs to be looked after while mum and dad get married, and this got us thinking how lovely it would be if dogs could be part of the big day without adding extra stress to the bride and groom. From this idea we developed the tailor-made chaperone service, Walkies Down the Aisle.”

PetStay are now looking for three entrepreneurs to pilot the franchise in their area and provide a loving wedding service to make the big day even more special. Individuals who are passionate, hardworking and love dogs and weddings are being urged to contact the company’s HQ to find out more about the exciting opportunity to launch Walkies Down the Aisle.

Register your interest by emailing the PetStay team at or visit the website for more information about this exciting pilot franchise opportunity.

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