How to Make the Most of a Wedding Fair

Exhibiting your business at a wedding fair is an important and direct step to reach your target customer: future brides and grooms! But how can you make your stall stand out from all the other vendors?

Whether it’s a national, regional or small wedding fair at a local venue you will need to make sure your stand stands out while letting people know who you are.

Before the Wedding Show

Consider your audience

Do you want to attract every engaged couple or do you have a specific kind of bride and groom in mind? Each wedding fair has been tailored to a specific couple. Stately home, cosy boutique hotel or open field, you can tailor your own stand to suit the couples who will be using the fair as an opportunity to view a potential venue.

Promote, promote, promote

Make sure people know where you’ll be exhibiting during the wedding season. Ask the show runner how they will be marketing the show and see if it aligns with your own strategy.

Double check your space

Your exhibiting stand can be anywhere from a metre to six. You may or may not get a table too. Double check what is included with your stand and bring in anything extra so your table doesn’t look bare on the day.

Invite prospective clients

You may have already taken a few enquiries but never met them face to face. By inviting clients to drop by at your stand you are offering a no-obligation meet up where they can learn more about you and your service.

At the Fair

Dress to impress

Your stand will need to stand out amongst the flowers and cakes. Make sure you are just as eye-catching with photos of previous clients (with their permission) and displays of some of the products on offer. Make sure your business card and leaflets are easy to pick up at the front of the stand, and any freebies and goodies are towards the back.

Collect details of couples

Collecting a list of potential customers is a key tool to utilise at the fair. However, make sure they have agreed to be contacted after the show.


Wedding fairs give you an amazing opportunity to network with other suppliers and services within your local area. Develop mutually beneficial relationships – you can recommend them, they can recommend you.

Be informative rather than salesy

Many couples attend wedding fairs to get an idea of what they want. People HATE feeling like they’re being sold to and it can get tiring for you to repeat yourself. Instead, start a conversation and have some fun meeting new people.

After the Fair

Mailers and Eshots

With the contact details you’ve collected you can send out some more information or a ‘it was a great to meet you’ email. Just make sure you have been given permission first!

Track ROI

Knowing where enquiries have come from is key to your business and will help you build a more responsive marketing strategy. Be sure to ask how people heard of you and track your return on investment (ROI).

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