How to start a dog care business

Are you looking for a change in career but not seeing the right role for you on job sites? Want to find a job that is more rewarding and allows you to meet new people (and dogs)? If you’re feeling stuck in a rut and want to be your own boss, why not set up your own pet care business?
You may want to start a dog walking business, offer pet sitting services, run a doggy daycare or want to become a mobile dog groomer. There are endless possibilities in this growing sector. The key is understanding what’s needed for each business.
<h3>Why Start a Dog Business in the UK Pet Care Market?</h3>
The UK pet care market is a thriving industry, growing more and more each year even in a turbulent economy. Over half of the UK owns a pet, with an estimated 8.9 million being dogs alone. That is a huge potential market for a start-up business in dog care! There has been a distinct change in the way we view our pets, seeing them more as a part of the family and humanising them. Dog owners are wanting better care options and high-quality services for their pet and will pay to ensure they are kept happy and healthy.
<h3>Unsure where to start?</h3>
There are a number of ready-made businesses and pet franchises available, offering the support and guidance you may not receive starting it out on your own. A franchise also alleviates some of the uncertainty and risk associated with a start-up as the business model is there and you have the experience of a franchisor to help you build your business.
If you are looking for something with an established brand and outstanding reputation, you may consider PetStay, the UK’s no.1 pet sitting and leader in home boarding dog care and their latest venture, Walkies Down the Aisle. To find out more you can visit our Franchise Opportunities page or contact the Head Office on for an informal chat.

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