Wedding Trend: Doggy Bridesmaids

2018 has seen a growing trend in doggy bridesmaids and four-legged groomsmen. Many couples are choosing to plan a dog-friendly wedding so they can incorporate their hairy family members on the special day. But what should you consider if you want your pooch to share the big day? We spoke with Carole, CEO of Walkies Down the Aisle, the dog wedding chaperone service, to ask her advice to avoid a ‘ruff’ day!

Carole: “Working on PetStay, the home dog boarding service since 2005, I have seen first hand the love people have for their dogs! It was only a matter of time before wedding trends indicated how much people want to celebrate their special day with their four-legged friends by their side. There are a number of things couples will need to consider before having their dog attend the wedding.”

What is your dog’s temperament?

Considering how your dog will act on the day is incredibly important. Are they excitable or nervous? Obedient or a little boisterous? Wedding days are bustling with activity and it can become stressful and noisy. The first question you need to answer is how will your dog react? If your pet is nervy it might not be a good idea to include them on the big day. If they’re boisterous you may need to consider who will look after them. If they’re obedient they’ll be a great addition to the bridal procession!

Does the wedding venue allow dogs?

If you want to have your dog at the wedding, one of your biggest priorities is to find out if your venue is pet-friendly. Even if pets aren’t allowed inside the venue, you could use the outdoor space and include them in some of the wedding photographs.

There are more ways to incorporate your pup into the wedding if the venue says ‘no dogs’. Include them in your wedding them or make your wedding favors in tribute of your pooch.

Tell your photographer

Help your photographer prepare by letting them know your pet will be included in some of the photos. They can bring treats or a squeaky toy to keep your dog’s focus and prepare photo ideas that will work for you and your pet.

Invest in a dog chaperone

Making sure you know who is going to be responsible for your dog on the big day is incredibly important. Your guests may not be keen on dog sitting and you will be far too busy to keep an eye on them. Employing a dog wedding chaperone like Walkies Down the Aisle means you will have someone dedicating their day to making sure your pooch is happy, allowing you both to enjoy your big day.

Let your guests know

Notify your guests on the invites that your dog will be attending the wedding too. Anyone with allergies can prepare well in advance and still be able to enjoy the day without too many tears!

Plan the day and your pet’s role

Decide what you want your pet to do on the day and practice, especially if there is a training element. No one wants an AWOL doggy ringbearer! Consider times for someone to take your dog for a walk or toilet break to prevent embarrassing scenarios at the reception.

Enjoy your day!

It comes without saying that your wedding day will be memorable! Remember to enjoy the big day and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Are you interested in making weddings even more special? Consider launching a Walkies Down the Aisle franchise in your area. Find out more on our website or contact Carole on 01482 307684 for an informal chat.

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